ashley {senior portrait: central new york}

As I’ve been feverishly editing senior portraits, the end of summer, has caught me totally by surprise!  I do apologize for being behind in my blog posting… I’m hoping it will be easy to forgive me, when you see the all the beautiful seniors that I’ve been photographing!

Meet Ashley… you may see her name in Broadway lights, after she pursues theater and performing arts in college. These next two photographs remind me of  candid celebrity portraits taken on Hollywood film sets.


I think Ashley has an amazing iconic profile…


These days, no senior photo session seems complete without the ever present cell phone.  It’s hard to imagine that these little gadgets will be obsolete someday… I can’t conceive what the next evolution will be.  Ashley is sort of an old fashioned teen… she not only sends text to her friends, she also actually speaks to them too :) …


School is almost back in session.  Hey seniors, don’t forget your Senior Portraits for your yearbook are due soon!   Be sure to book your session now, so we can meet your school’s deadline.  Here is one of the yearbook images, Ashley will get to choose from…

Senior_Portrait_0053Now back to our regular programming… fun shots!!  Sometimes, it’s interesting to find a funky wall to use as the background.  I love this next shot…


Summer was very much on our minds for these next few images.  Here is Ashley and Riley.  Can you tell who loves his toy?

Senior_Portrait_0058Look at the incredible view from  her parent’s home…

Senior_Portrait_0055Yes, life can be very good!  Sometimes all we need are the simple pleasures:  a hammock and a quiet summer day….

Senior_Portrait_0051Like I said, life can be very good!  Thank you Ashley!  I’ll let you know when the rest of your photographs are ready.

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