chloe {senior portrait}

I think I’ve said this before, but I’ll go ahead and say it again…  I’m so in awe of the grace, intelligence, and overall awesomeness of the teens I’ve been photographing this summer.

Chloe is no exception!  Can you guess what her passion is?  Well she has several!  Here is a look at one of them…


Yep, she loves to reeeeeaaaaaadddddd!  Such a great interest for a young person to indulge in!  Well anybody really, but it’s so encouraging to find it in our nation’s youth!  I love that she has so many hardback books.  She took off most of the covers to reveal the gorgeous textures and colors of her collection.  I just think it is super cool, that in addition to the writing, she has the aesthetic sophistication to appreciate the beauty of the books as objects too.

Senior_Portraits_CH_2009_002Chloe has a timeless aura to her!  She is very much a modern girl, but I could totally see her in a different era altogher as well.  I asked her to sit in this antique settee, and processed the image to give that “old time” feel.


One more book to be read… or is that “red”…. sorry I couldn’t help myself.


Here is a fun shot…

Senior_Portraits_CH_2009_005I can’t help feel a special connection to Chloe since she is a big fan of Alice In Wonderland!  Oddly, I don’t think I ever dressed up as Alice In Wonderland for halloween.   Hmmm, maybe this it the year :)

In addition to being one of my favorite portraits of Chloe, I also covet her awesome t-shirt…Senior_Portraits_CH_2009_004

And one more for good measure…

Senior_Portraits_CH_2009_007By the way, I’d love to give a shout out to Chloe’s super cool Mom and sister for all of their mad styling skills!  Talk to you soon.

Terry Ann - Yes Alice – your lovely photos of a special girl are a joy for all who love her to view.

Joan Dear-Houseman - Hi Alice: We just returned from vacationing in Pennsylvania and were so excited to see the photos of Chloe…..they were all gorgeous! Thanks, Joan

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