clara {4 months}

I LOVE photographing “Baby’s First Year”sessions.

Clara, who you may remember from her new born session is such a sweet little baby, and I’m beyond honored to be documenting her very special first year.  Clara’s mom Carolynn is the incredibly talented designer of Two Brunettes.  I knew she was going to have some darling clothes for Clara, but when Beth and I saw Clara and her little bunny slippers there may or may not have been some squealing going on.  Okay there definitely was, I just don’t know if it was inner or outer squealing.  At any rate, check out all the adorableness of Clara at 4 months…


Poor Romi was desperate to get in on the action, and I’m so glad she did…


Clara’s got her own little spa treatment going on here…


Life is definitely good…undefinedundefinedundefinedundefined

By the way, if you are in the market for a stroller, Carolynn loves her Sola!  I love this next image of Carolynn and her babies.  She is such a cute mama…


How do you like my little homage to the three bears?  I’m just hoping Clara can fit into these little baby boots during her next session.

You girls are the best!!!   xoxo, Alice and Beth

Rose - Adorable! Love her sweet little face, she is a cutie pie!

Amy - So sweet. Lots of squealing over here too.

two brunettes - You’re amazing Alice!

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