cyd + nina {a girl and her dog}

I can’t tell you how thrilled I was when Cyd of The Sweetest Occasion fame, asked me to photograph portraits of her dog Nina.  Okay, I guess I can tell you… I was super thrilled!

Everyone who knows me, is very aware of my dog obsession.  I own three dogs myself.  As if that isn’t enough, I literally point out every dog I see to whomever may be keeping company with me.  By the way, that is not any kind of exaggeration.  Well meeting Nina, was no exception.  Not only is Nina such a good girl, this five year old black lab is quite the beauty…

Nina is also very affectionate.  She gives her family lots of kisses…

Of course, Nina is the target of much affection herself…

Like most dogs, Nina loves nothing more than to hop in the car and go to someplace fun like a great big park…

But sometimes her regal ways do subside, and she goes bonkers for rolling in the grass or chewing on a favorite toy…

Being a labrador retriever you know Nina loves water!  While she didn’t get to go in this time, she seemed happy enough to be sitting near it.  I was basically in Photography Heaven at this point.  I mean just look at this next series with the lovely Cyd and Nina, and that incredible sunset…

This is definitely a new favorite for me…

I confess by the time we were done with this fun day of shooting, Nina was ready to go home and go to sleep.  So a big thank you, to both Cyd and Nina, for all that you gave to make these great portraits… you are awesome!  xoxo, Alice

P.S.  If you are not familiar with Cyd’s blog The Sweetest Occasion, you will definitely want to check it out.  She posts all kinds of amazing ideas for weddings, birthdays, baby showers, and much much more!

Lori - I was going to point out which of these photos I like best, but when I went back through them I realized they are all striking, adorable, heartwarming.
THANKS FOR THE LINK to Cyd’s blog. It is full of good stuff.

Iris Sasaki - Such beautiful shots! I was going to connect with you on Linkedin, but decided to just let you know here, how wonderfully you’ve captured the soul of Nina. We have a chocolate & and black lab, they are wonderful! Warm regards from Oregon!

Kristine Neeley - What sweet pups! Great photos :)

Jill Alessandra - Beautiful B&W shots :))
… And the last image is warm liquid amber … lovely.

Amanda - These are lovely!

Cindy - Nina is such a beautiful pup! I love dogs and especially labs. You have such a gift with animals.

Meredith Perdue - It’s so fun to see these photos after following The Sweetest Occasion & Cyd’s tweets for awhile now. What special moments you have captured for Cyd!

Brianna Phelan - I love labs. So beautiful. I especially love the top shot of them standing on the dock. Gorgeous.

Two Brunettes - love them all :o)! Cyd AND Nina are so pretty.

Brandi - so sweet!!

genevieve - love the black and white shot of the dogs nose with Cyd’s hands.

Rose - Sweet! :) Love the second one so so much!

Krista - Wow, Nina and Cyd are both gorgeous … Nina looks very loved!

Andrea {Gwyneth Paige] - These are SOO sweet. You can clearly see how much Cyd loves Nina!

Cyd - Ahhhh! These are so so great. That dog. She kills me she is so adorable and these shots just capture everything I love about her. Thank you thank you thank you! Mike is going to love these, too. xoxo

Beth - Wow. That last image is amazing.

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