jill + steve {engaged}

Even though Jill was born and raised in NYC, she has a deep appreciation for nature, as does Steve.  In fact, these two have a very long list of common interest including boating, hockey, hiking, dogs (yay!), and so much more.  When planning Jill and Steve’s engagement portrait session, Moravia, NY (where they will soon be calling their home as married people) seemed like the perfect location!   Even though this first shot is of Jill’s engagement ring, I think it says a lot about the beauty of their love and nature…

I’m pretty sure I was actually squealing when I was taking this next picture!

You know how much I love dogs, so I had to include this family photo…

It’s great when client’s trust my vision and are game for anything… like venturing out to the middle of a creek.  Don’t you just love Jill’s cute polka dot Wellies?

Oh Moravia… what a wonderful place…

Yep, I’m totally jealous.  Jill and Steve have got a little lakeside dock and neighbors that drive by in boats.

If all that charm wasn’t enough, just five minutes away is this amazing waterfall with hiking trails all around.

Up next is just a simple little shot, but I love it so much!

Thank you so much for the incredibly fun and beautiful afternoon in Moravia!   Maybe someday I’ll be one of those neighbors cruising by on a boat.  What?  A girl can dream can’t she?  xoxo

Stacy Cross - I was literally about to type “that last shot is killer” and then I saw that Mike wrote just that – wow! :) haha! Um . . . that last shot is so emotional, real, warm, and wonderful. How’s that? :)

Nanci - Your last shot is awesome!

Mike - That last shot is killer!

Sandy - Oh my, I love it!

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