baby mila {8 months}

On Tuesday, Beth and I joined Mila and her parents for Mila’s third session in her “Baby’s First Year” portrait collection.  You can see Mila’s earlier portraits at 4 months as well as her newborn session here and here.     It looks like life is good at 8 1/2 months old…

Typically when a parent wants to get their child/children photographed, they are thinking about getting one great portrait that they can share with family members.  I, however, always ask my clients to think beyond the immediate moment when collaborating on a shoot.   Just like all photographs, these images if properly cared for, can last for generations to come.  I’m sure when Mila is a young woman, she will want to see cute smiling portraits of herself as a youngster.  I’m even more certain that she will treasure any great photographs of her parents interacting with her as she is growing up.  To see how what they were like as young parents, to see the smiles and kisses they give.  To have a photographs that reminds her how much she is loved…

Love this awesome photograph that Beth captured.

Seriously, this next image melts my heart.

The magic and

hazards of bubbles…

Mila is growing so fast she is in the 95th percentile for height.

Love this proud mama image…

I can’t even imagine how this little wonder is going to grow and blossom before her next session!  Love you guys.  xoxo, Alice and Beth

Jenn - Beautiful set, Alice! And you’re so right – Mila will appreciate and cherish these photos when she is older. I wish my parents had done something similar.

Kim - Totally cute and adorable – and a true treasure!

Rose - Such a sweet face! :D How adorable! the photos with the parents are amazing, and gotta love the ones with her daddy.

Krista - OMG!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them….first of all your amazing its only been 3 days and good call on my part to get my roots done the day after we shoot the pics lol Cant wait to see the rest I have a feeling I am going to want them all!!! I heart baths bubbles and bows!!XOXO

two brunettes - really i can’t stop looking at them, beautiful baby and adorable shots! Adore Beths shot too!

two brunettes - ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmgod these are so gorgeous it hurts!

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