new wedding portfolio {from pictage}

It is difficult to take the time to keep my portfolios updated with current work. That is why I’m so thrilled to have designed a sample album from a recent wedding. I won’t actually receive the finished product for a couple of months. I’m so excited, however, that I couldn’t wait to share the cover with you. I just love it!

Anonymous - Alice, this is a wonderful image! Modern, clean and romantic!


darla’s first blizzard

We are having a real snow storm today! It’s the first one Darla, my pomeranian puppy, has experienced. Franny loves to play in the snow, and it seems that Darla is right in there with her. Even Lulu, the pug, joined in a little game of chase today!

I’m hoping this is an indicator for a White Christmas in New York! I think I’ll put on some Christmas music and make a warm cup of tea or hot cocoa… mmmmmm.

kelly and bill {los angeles, ca}

Kelly and Bill eloped! So what would have originally been an engagement portrait session, became tagged as post-elopement portraits.

These two are so cute. They are so clearly in love (both with each other, as well as with their sweet dogs Violet and Vita). We had a great time photographing at their house, with their dogs, and finally at a great breakfast cafe. When we finished with the photos, we had a delicious brunch! Thanks for the great meal!

angel and rick {santa monica, ca}

Congratulations Angel and Rick!

These two had a wonderful wedding, attended by a lovely and lively group of family and friends!

While helping us with this image, Angel’s mom joked that this kiss is “Mother-in-Law Approved.”

Jeanie Lee Toon did an amazing job with the flowers. It was really cool how they made different color bouquets for the bridesmaids. The vivid colors really pop on this white grand piano.

I love the red flowers in Angel’s hair, as well as her adorable bright red shoes!

Charming is the best word to describe The Victorian, where Angel and Rick got married! The food is amazing, the staff is very nice, and everything ran like clockwork. Not to mention, it makes for a great backdrop to this romantic photo of Mr. and Mrs. Newly Married.

Rick - As purely objective viewers, we love these wedding photos and can’t wait to see the others. Thanks again for doing such an amazing job organizing and corralling all of our family and wedding party for the pictures. It was the most incredible day of our lives and we are so grateful to have beautiful pictures to remember it by.

despereaux rescued

My first few days back in Los Angeles, were spent rescuing a little dog found roaming down San Vicente (a very busy street). We called him Despereaux, after the movie mouse, because of his enormous ears! Sadly, he had no tags and no microchip, so we could not find the dog’s original owners. Luckily Jay, a great guy, took one look at Despereaux, and fell in love. Jay is giving this lucky pup a new forever home with his two other dogs, a chihuahua and lab-mix that were also rescued. Look at those sweet eyes!

A big thanks to Giovanni, Sarah, Joy and all of the chihuahua rescue organizations that reached out to help. You are a mighty village!

Elaine - Beautifully done. Absolutely gorgeous–both people and animals.

Alice - Sarah just reminded me that we actually had a few names for this cutie. It started with Vincent, because we found him on San Vicente. Then it was Freddie Mac, in case he was a foreclosure doggie. Finally, we ended with Despereaux… adorable, brave, and more adorable!

sarah knowlton - freddie mac!
hope you’re happy little guy: sorry ishmael kept trying to eat you while you were visiting.
:- o
love, sarah

trick or treat!

My sister’s family makes a very scary Halloween house! They have witches that brew curses with ingredients like bat wings and vampire blood. They have a haunted pumpkin patch, and creepy monsters (like Dracula) that will come out and grab you! Here is just a glimpse of their amazing work!

At my house, we keep things pretty simple… dogs, pumpkins, and candy. I can’t remember the last time I carved a pumpkin; but I didn’t let that stop me from my dream of carving a wolf howling at the moon. And I must say it was a big success… so many sweet trick or treaters took the time to tell me how much they liked my pumpkin.

san francisco babies {part 2}

Times do change. I was still shooting with film, when I photographed Kristin and Matt’s wedding several years ago. Now, I primarily use my digital cameras.
Kristin called me to photograph their beautiful daughter Lucy, who recently turned one. This little bundle of cuteness sure does love to run! Look how a little game of chase has her bubbling with joy.

With all that big and magnificent one year old energy, I think everyone in the family has a real appreciation for nap time!

san francisco babies {part 1}

One of the lovely perks of being a wedding photographer is I’m often called back to photograph the new generations… aka the babies. While in San Francisco last week, I was lucky to have three such jobs!

I photographed Brook and David’s amazing wedding in Idaho. They now have two beautiful children, Grace and Xavier. Here is a peek:

Grace loves to dance and do somersaults.

Little Xavier is learning to roll over, and lift his head.

Grace is an awesome big sister! I love this tender moment with her little brother.

A-T - Hey Alice – what a luscious treat to see these photos of Grace and Xavier. I love your blog! You do have such a gift! I love to take photos and I can appreciate your skill, because, believe me, my pix don’t look like yours!!

Say hi to Lulu for me.

Brook Broughton - Alice is just amazing. Her portraits of my kids just capture their essence in such a simple yet intimate way. Grace was NOT going to get her picture taken by someone she didn’t know yet only moments later, in such a sweet and organic way, Alice had her turning somersaults and dancing without a bit of hesitation in front of the lens. This woman is such a talent and I would refer her time and time again to friends and family. Thanks Alice!

J O I N   M Y   M A I L I N G   L I S T