baby mila {8 months}

On Tuesday, Beth and I joined Mila and her parents for Mila’s third session in her “Baby’s First Year” portrait collection.  You can see Mila’s earlier portraits at 4 months as well as her newborn session here and here.     It looks like life is good at 8 1/2 months old…

Typically when a parent wants to get their child/children photographed, they are thinking about getting one great portrait that they can share with family members.  I, however, always ask my clients to think beyond the immediate moment when collaborating on a shoot.   Just like all photographs, these images if properly cared for, can last for generations to come.  I’m sure when Mila is a young woman, she will want to see cute smiling portraits of herself as a youngster.  I’m even more certain that she will treasure any great photographs of her parents interacting with her as she is growing up.  To see how what they were like as young parents, to see the smiles and kisses they give.  To have a photographs that reminds her how much she is loved…

Love this awesome photograph that Beth captured.

Seriously, this next image melts my heart.

The magic and

hazards of bubbles…

Mila is growing so fast she is in the 95th percentile for height.

Love this proud mama image…

I can’t even imagine how this little wonder is going to grow and blossom before her next session!  Love you guys.  xoxo, Alice and Beth

Jenn - Beautiful set, Alice! And you’re so right – Mila will appreciate and cherish these photos when she is older. I wish my parents had done something similar.

Kim - Totally cute and adorable – and a true treasure!

Rose - Such a sweet face! :D How adorable! the photos with the parents are amazing, and gotta love the ones with her daddy.

Krista - OMG!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them….first of all your amazing its only been 3 days and good call on my part to get my roots done the day after we shoot the pics lol Cant wait to see the rest I have a feeling I am going to want them all!!! I heart baths bubbles and bows!!XOXO

two brunettes - really i can’t stop looking at them, beautiful baby and adorable shots! Adore Beths shot too!

two brunettes - ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmgod these are so gorgeous it hurts!

meryn + joel {engaged}

Meryn and Joel live in Madison, Wisconsin.  While I often travel to my clients for their engagement session, Meryn and Joel opted to have their engagement session in Cooperstown, NY where they first met and will be getting married this fall.  To say that Beth and I had a good time photographing Meryn and Joel would be a major understatement.  If you don’t believe me, just take a look for yourself…


When researching locations, I found the Farmers Museum had an old carousel, and I thought that would be fun.   Little did I know that would be just the tip of the photo iceberg.  The Farmer’s Museum is a small collection of 18th century buildings with a staff dressed in period garb demonstrating life in those times.   After the carousel, we stopped that the blacksmith’s shop and found these awesome hearts made right there on the premises.



I just about fainted with glee when we were introduced to the sheep family.   Here is a mama and two of her lambs…

Loving the love in the lovely light…

Just when I thought nothing could beat the lambs, along come the goslings…

Meryn and Joel thank you for the amazing time in Cooperstown.  We’re so excited for your wedding weekend!  xoxo, Alice and Beth



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Andrew Taylor - Love these! From henceforth, all engagement photos must include sheep, geese, and galoshes. Fun. Warm. And down to earth.

Meryn - Normal people look forward to seeing their wedding photos, sure, but Joel and I also can’t wait to see Alice and Beth again! We had a blast working with you! Such beautiful work! THANK YOU!

Kim - Wow! Great color, composition, light, and of course, love!

Rose - Ok, the ones with the goslings are too funny! Loved this session, so sweet and adorable! :D

Kate - Cuteness overdose!!!

kate and jason {engaged}

In case you missed yesterday’s quick peek of Kate and Jason’s Cazenovia engagement session, be prepared for cuteness overload!

When I first talked to Kate I immediately learned of the two most  important people in her life.   Jason her fiance and Trey her six year old son.  Like I said, a whole lot of cute…


I also quickly learned that Trey really loves Legos.   We owe my brother in law John a big thank you for his handy work on our little props…

When Jason was a teenager, he was friends with Kate’s older brother; and Kate being all of 13 had a big crush on him.  Many years later their paths crossed again, and this time it looks like they both had a crush.

And who could blame them?




Lovely Kate…


A little mom time…


I just have to close with this cute little family photo…


Kate, Trey, and Jason, you are one adorable family!  Beth and I are so looking forward to photographing your big wedding day!  xoxo, Alice



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Susan Allan - You certainly are very clever; your photographs are magical.
Sue xx

Pat Stuart Longfellow - Wow….and I am related to this beautiful gal and her precious little boy! Deb…I see you in her. I can see why you are so proud. Thanks for sharing.

Corky - WOW!!! Great pictures!! Kate, you look beautiful and Trey, you are one HANDSOME Dude!…You too Jay…LOL!

Kate - Wow, Alice and Beth your talents are pure magic! Jay, Trey and I had such an amazing day hanging with you gals and could not be more ecstatic with these photos! Thank you for sharing such a special time in our lives with us. Bring on the wedding- CAN NOT WAIT!

giovanna + christian {engaged}

As promised, part II of Giovanna and Christian’s Syracuse engagement portraits…undefined

There is an old saying “Actions speak louder than words.”  Well I think with all this hand holding, kissing, hugging, and laughing, these two are silently screaming “I LOVE YOU!”






Beth captured this beautiful image…




Awwww!  Could they be any cuter?


Giovanna and Christian thank you so much for the fabulous day and dinner!  Beth and I can barely wait for your wedding next week.   xoxo, Alice

giovanna + christian {married} » Alice G Patterson Photography {blog} - [...] June 11th, Giovanna and Christian said “I do” amongst their closest family and friends, some of whom had traveled half [...]

Tiziana - Thank you so much for taking these lovely enchanting pictures, you just captured “uncapturable” moments of their Love.

Lindsay - They look so happy and in love!

paws for a cause rescue event {with shorty rossi}

A few weeks ago, Beth and I volunteered our photography services to an awesome rescue event Paws for a Cause, featuring Shorty Rossi (Animal Planet’s “Pitt Boss”) presented by Hardeko and Dog Daze Pet Shop.  Shorty took an overnight (aka red-eye flight) to attend the event.  Throngs of people lined up for hours on end to get their pictures taken with Shorty and his pittbull Hercules.  All of the money collected went to charitable and educational causes for animal rescue groups.  In addition to Shorty there were tons of Rescue Organizations with adoptable animals, as well as great vendors and sponsors.

Here are a few favorites from the day…


This event was not just for dogs…

Here is a slideshow with lots more images. All of the great rescue organizations, vendors and sponsors, are listed at the end.





A special thank you to the event organizers Ruth and David of Dog Daze Pet Shop in North Syracuse. xoxo, Alice and Beth

alice - So great to hear that 24 animals were adopted, and that so much money and even more importantly awareness was raised! Congratulations to all of the rescue groups who are making a difference!

Ruth - Hi Alice

The slide show is awesome……….. thank you guys so much……… you are terrific!!! We appreciate all you did. Plus if you would like to post, as we did on our facebook…… we raised over $9,000.00 for the rescue groups, (each group received a check for $316.00, over 24 animals were adopted, 7 new foster homes were obtained. And all the groups said that it was a great event, and they can not wait to come back next year!! We are so pleased to and can not wait to do it again!! It was well worth the lost sleep, and folks like you guys made it all possible…………. so again from the bottom of my PAW THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!!!


kelly newfield - great job, alice!

Mindy - Oh my! What beautiful photos. I bet you had the BEST time photographing all those animals! I wish I could just adopt them all!

boston engagement portraits {a quick peek}

Just two days after my wonderful trip to Florida, I had another destination engagement session in Boston, MA.  I’m just about done with all of the photographs, but here is one I just couldn’t wait to share…

Laure - Now, that’s a sexy shot. wow

Stacy - I LOVE this picture! Stunning!

Rose - Wow, this is beautiful!The location looks amazing, can’t wait to see more. Love how she leans close to him and such an amazing light!

Lindsay - Stunning!

jen + anton {sunrise engagement}

I knew I wanted to get to the beach before the sun was up, for Jen and Anton’s sunrise engagement session.  The darkness at 6am, however, was so enveloping, I truly thought to myself, the sun just might not come up today. When we drove down the road it was still dark.  When we hiked down the trail to the beach it was still dark.  While we found a little spot in the sand that didn’t have condos behind it… yep, still dark.  Look how bright the moon is, kind of dark.

Finally after all that anticipation and wondering what was going to unfold, a sweet sunrise began to make it’s way over the horizon and through some soft clouds.  I tell you, I felt like a teenager, and any sleepiness that may have been lingering went flying off with the seagulls.  A great day was about to begin, and I couldn’t have been happier with my company.  Introducing Jen and Anton…


Jen, you are so gorgeous!


I have so many favorite photographs from this session, but there is a quality to this next image that simply feels magical to me…

When I first mentioned the idea of Jen and Anton being in bathing suits for this session, I asked Jen to think about the longevity of these images.  I personally am in love with this series right now, but I also know that they will be an amazing piece of personal history.  Think about Jen and Anton in thirty years going through old photographs that have documented their love story, and coming across these.  Wow!

undefinedJen and Anton are shining examples of my ideal clients.  Two people in love, who also love life, as well as the world where it all goes down!


By 7:30 we were done at the beach, and Jen and Anton treated me to a lovely breakfast.  Mmmm, loved those grits!  We took a little break, cleaned up from the beach and then went for a few more around Juno Beach.


Seriously cute…


Jen and Anton, I’m bubbly with excitement that we still have your wedding day ahead!  Thank you for being the wonderful souls that you are.  xoxo, Alice

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Lori - I LOVE the photo right under the comment “LOVE” that you made. It is the closeup of them while at the beach. It’s my favorite.

Stacy - These are fantastic . . . and that wide shot in the water is absolutely incredible! I would make a HUGE canvas of that, if I were them! :)

Warren Williams - Such an awesome, cute couple. Great photos :)

Sarah DeShaw - Oh wow, you had an adventurous couple too! Not everyone is willing to get in a swimsuit for photos. I am sure after seeing the photos they are super glad they did!! Great work and thanks for keeping in touch via blogland, I love it! :)

Amy-Jo Tatum/Bride Chic - Beautiful work!

Mindy - Beautiful photos that will last a lifetime. They are so lucky!

Rose - These are so beautiful, love the bathing-suits photos, just wonderful! Love this session for it’s freshness and joy of life. :)

J O I N   M Y   M A I L I N G   L I S T