rainy day {blues}

Whether you are a small dog or trying to fly out of a large metropolitan airport (read JFK), rainy days can make you blue.  I was supposed to fly to Los Angeles today, but because of the very rainy weather, my flight kept getting delayed further and further into the evening.   So instead of spending the night at the airport, several passengers including myself, resigned to trying again tomorrow.

This is a good time to point out my “I will be there” protocol for any travel sessions.  I never fly the day of or even the day before an event.  Whether a wedding or a week of portrait sittings, I usually fly in two or three days before any kind of photo session.  This gives me plenty of time to settle in, so I can give you my best. Today’s weather flight delays and cancellations are a good reminder of why I work this way.



I love this shot of my pomeranian’s tiny wet legs, after just a short walk in the rain.


Noele - Great doggie expressions – even the little legs are expressive.

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