ruth + jake engagements {part two}

If you saw yesterday’s entry, you know that Ruth and Jake have a fierce sense of fashion.  What you will see today, is that they also have a very fun playful love!  The youthful props in these photos stemmed from the idea of Jake’s proposal.  You see Jake has a young son (hi Zach… can’t wait to meet you!), and the two of them proposed to Ruth together… with a toy ring!  Is that the cutest thing you’ve ever heard?  Well, Zach and the toy ring couldn’t be with us for the engagement session so we made do with blue balloons, candy rings, and lollipops…

If any of you kids don’t want to see romance, cover your eyes now!No, I didn’t rent a helicopter for this shoot, but I was about 30 feet up in the air, in the bird watching blind.  It’s amazing how I forget about my fear of heights (or more like my fear of falling) when I have a camera and a beautiful couple in front of me!

I heart U, was Jake’s candy message to Ruth.  Oh and that ring in the gumball machine is the REAL engagement ring.  Gorgeous…

I’m pretty sure by the looks of this next photo that Ruth hearts you right back Jake…Now that is a candy ring!These next few shots are just more adorable meadow plus love goodness…This parting shot makes me think of Shrek (which I’m dying to see by the way).  You know, the land of far, far away and happily ever after… minus the ogres and a talking donkey of course.

Ruth and Jake… thank you so so much for the super amazing photo session!  xoxo

jackie g. photog - what a charming couple! great images!!

kayleen - I love your rounded corner collages and the props at this shoot are super cute!

recent {press} » Alice G Patterson Photography {blog} - [...] A beautiful London based Wedding Inspiration blog Beyond Beyond featured several photographs from part 2 of Ruth and Jake’s recent engagement [...]

alice - So excited that this post got picked up by the lovely London based wedding blog BeyondBeyond:

Misty Miotto - Sugar and Spice and everything nice :0) I love it! Great job Alice!

Miguel Serrano - Simply great! you really capture their love.

Mandi Nikole - Great images. Love the props. Cute couple.

Michelle Kane - This is so FUN! The candy, the balloons, so refreshing and different!

Jenny - LOVE the candy! How in the world did you get that fabulous last shot! Bravo!

Katie Beverley - These are awesome! Love that bubblegum machine so much…what great colors in all of the images:)

laure - How fun are these? They are awesome Alice G. :-)

Alice - Thanks for all the wonderful remarks… I love hearing from you!

Spring - LOVE the candy idea!!!! I have always told my boyfriend if he proposed with a ring pop I’d still say yes because ring pops are just that good!!! hahah :)

Ruth - You are so amazing Alice (& Beth)!! These photos are great- and wonderful timing because its our one year anniversary today!!! You definitely captured “us”!

Sami - All of the photos from this session totally rock – love the balloons and all of the other props. This is a terrific session! And best wishes to Ruth and Jake!

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