valentines inspiration from {julia child}

Last fall I went to see the film Julie & Julia, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  First off, I think Meryl Streep is the most amazing actress ever!  I saw her perform in a play at UCLA a few years back.  It was a very civilized audience, but I wanted to jump up and down like I was at a rock concert, because that is how I see Ms. Streep… ROCK STAR!  Sorry, this really is supposed to be about Julia Child. If you are not familiar with the film, the Julia part of the title is based on the rich (and by rich I mean buttery rich) life of Julia Child, played by the aforementioned rock star actress who will go unnamed so I can stay focused.  Apparently Julia and husband Paul loved Valentines Day! So much so, they made homemade Valentines Day cards to mail to all of their friends and family.  I find this extremely endearing…

So if you want to have some fun next month, and send out some custom photo Valentines Day cards, you should seriously consider booking a session on Saturday January 16th as part of my new Snapshots!  series…. yep the photos are going to have a Valentines Day theme.    Here are a couple examples of custom photo cards that I made from my session with the oh so adorable Carrie and Andy!

Nothing says love, like heart shaped cookies…

Amanda - I love this idea! . I rarely get my butt in gear to get xmas cards out, and this seems like more fun. :)

Meredith Perdue - This is an exceptionally cute idea! I especially love it because I just saw Julie & Julia last week- great film! Good luck with this fun promo, Alice!

Michael Nesmith - What a great Idea!

alice - Thank you Ladies :)

Noelle - Buttery!!! And lovely!!!! Both your work and the story….

Mindy - cute idea

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