b’ville {dipped in gold}

The colors of fall here are so amazing… I mean super aaaaammaaaaazzzziinnnggg!

The contrast of being in sunny southern California one day, and back in New York’s fall the next is striking.  It feels like I have on rose colored glasses… but I don’t!  The colors against the bright blue sky are simply breathtaking!   Well, I finally got out on Friday morning to capture some of the golds, oranges, and reds of late fall in Central New York.

These colors speak for themselves…


I love all of these images, but I think this next one is my fave…


I know, I was going to let the colors speak for themselves, but I just love the matching orange color in the leaves and fire hydrant…

Fall_Colors_Autumn_Syracuse_CNY_photographer05I love this view of the Erie Canal…

Fall_Colors_Autumn_Syracuse_CNY_photographer01The best part of these images, is they were all taken in my neighborhood… I’m so lucky!!

Gina Meola - Love the new blog!!! And you DO live in a gorgeous neighborhood! Blessings : )

Alisa Greig - wow, these colors ARE amazing! we don’t really have seasons where i come from, so to see it like this is beautiful!

Abby - I absolutely love the picture with the tire swing!

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