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I couldn’t be happier with the turn out of our first ever CNY PUG (Pictage User Group) meeting!  Seriously, it was a great night, and there are so many people to thank!

First, and most importantly, a BIG OL’ THANKS to the amazing Justin and Mary Marantz for such an in depth and truly beneficial presentation.  These two were so generous with our group.   I know we all walked away from the meeting as better business owners!


Another big thank you to all of the fantastic photographers that came out from all over the Central New York area!  You guys rock, and I want you to all come back to next month’s meeting…

CNY_Pictage_PUG_photography_meeting0004Shai Eyan gave the group a really fun demonstration of his new product called the Spider Holster… love the name!

CNY_Pictage_PUG_photography_meeting0001Super big thanks to Dane Sanders author of Fast Track Photographer, for donating an audio version of his book as last night’s door prize!  Congratulations again, Marianne, for being the lucky winner!  Last but certainly not least, I need to send some hugs and kisses to my awesome family… Beth, Sally, and of course Mom!  They helped me so much the last couple of weeks to get ready for this first meeting!  The cupcakes were a big hit! Yummm…


After the meeting a few of us had a late night meal at Syracuse’s own Dinosaur BBQ!…. Mmmm, love them drunkin’ shrimp!  You can check out Justin and Mary’s video here.

Kyla Giles - Alice, Thank you sooo much for hosting such a wonderful evening! We truly enjoyed ourselves and you can bet that we were chattering away the whole ride home, full of new ideas and inspiration! Thanks for opening up your beautiful home to us and thanks to Justin & Mary for a phenomenal presentation. It was wonderful to meet and network with other fantastic area photographers. Oh, and I agree with Beth that the Spider Holster is way cool! Keep us updated on the next PUG meetings, if the weather cooperates we’d be happy to make the drive again!

Meghan Thomas - What an exciting night! I am so grateful for the work that you have done to get us, our own PUG! I love that we have so many talented professionals in our backyard and now we can actually utilize that!

Alice - Thank you so much!

Bob Kaussner - Hi Alice!,

Just a short message to thank you once again for your excellent hospitality, and truly great first Central New York PUG meeting at your house Wednesday evening. Although I’ve been a Pictage Pro member of several years, I’ve been feeling disappointed not having a PUG in our area (the closest one being four hours away in NYC). Now I don’t need to be disappointed anymore since the PUG meeting that you hosted and ran so beautifully was fabulous. I now look forward to continuing the tradition that you’ve begun of networking with other talented photographers and sharing the wealth of one-another’s experience, vision, and common passion of photography. Thank you once again for a great first PUG meeting!

Marianne Miles - Thanks so-o much for hosting a great meeting! I enjoyed all the speakers – who were exceptional – and meeting the other photographers. I am back to work with a renewed spirit and belief in what I’m doing. Thanks again. See you next month-

Beth - Justin and Mary are awesome! Their presentation was very inspirational! Shai’s spider holster is way cool! It seemed like everyone enjoyed the meeting :)

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