end of spring {robin chick}

Summer will officially arrive in a week, but it still feels like spring with all of the baby critters making their way into the world.   In particular, I’ve seen so many baby chicks sitting on the ground, after taking maiden flights from their nests.  The parent birds, are usually on a telephone wire or in a near by tree frantically squawking, at their young, “flap those wings and  get away from the lady with the camera!”  In addition to wanting to to get some great photos of this baby robin, I was also hoping to encourage it to fly away (I was afraid my dogs would catch it).  Poor baby, took one look at me, and instead of flying away, the little thing pooped!  Eventually, however,  it was able to fly  to the safety of my fence.

This along with some other critter photos are now available for purchase framed or unframed.  Shoot me an email, if you are interested.  Funny thing is, I used to not really like birds.  I thought they were just noisy squawking creatures.  Over the last few years, however, I’ve become quite smitten with the feathery bunch.   Just look at this darling little face…


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