heart {no. 1}

I’ve heard people complain about holidays, saying that they don’t “believe” in them.  That we should all just treat our loved ones special everyday.  Well, who can really argue about treating each other special everyday?  Not me.   Yet, while Valentines Day has been notoriously called a Hallmark holiday, I still like it.  In fact, I pretty much love all of the holidays.  I think it’s fun when someone makes that extra effort to send a valentines to a friend, lover, and/or family… even better if that someone has an ounce of creativity in them.  So yes, give the love out daily, but if you have it in you, add a little Valentines fun into your life.

All that being said, I’ve created my first blog challenge.  This is going to be tough because I’ve never blogged on a daily basis, but I’m going to make an effort to post a heart {of some sort} a day, for the next 14 days… you know, until it is Valentines Day. Lucky for me, I took a lot of pictures of the cupcakes we used for the January’s Snapshots! session. Please enjoy heart no. 1…

If you are a photographer/ blogger, and want to play along… leave a comment and let us know about your own heart a day challenge.

alice - Andy, that is hilarious! I think you and Carrie did eat that cupcake.

Andy - I think I ate that cupcake!

Laura - Too cute!

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