heart {no. 2}

Seeing as I am a photographer, and this is my blog, it is perfectly acceptable for you to assume that I am going to post another photograph with a heart in it for day two of my 14 hearts blog challenge.  Well look out!  This is a curve ball post, as I just have to include this gem of a heart.

Love this drawing of my dog lulu accompanied with the sweetest little love message from Besso.   I’ve got a file specifically designated for Besso treasures.  Besso is 11 now, but this drawing was made when she around 7 or 8.  I love everything about this drawing, but some of my favorite points are Lulu’s party hat, collar, and the attention to detail put into Lulu’s hairy moles, I mean beauty marks.  So stinkin’ cute…

Besso, I’ll treasure this forever!  xoxo, Alice

Noelle - I love the party hat the best…. it’s a lovely drawing…. and perfect example of hearts in art!

Besso and Giovanni - What an accurate portrait of Lulu and the love Besso has for you!

Beth - I love the drawing, the artist, and that you’ve got your own file dedicated to Besso’s treasures!!

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