heart {no. 5}

Don’t forget I’m a newbie at this blog challenge business, but hang in there with me.  Today’s entry is a little different from the rest.  Instead of making a heart, Beth my sister “found” a heart.  Kind of like when you’re laying on a blanket looking up at a summer sky and you see a shape in the clouds that reminds of you something…. only this time it was a winter day,  (about  20 frickin’ degrees outside), we were standing up, and Beth pointed out the heart shape in one of the old magnificent trees in her yard.  She and I both thought “that’s no. 5.”

Here is a recent pic of my amazing sister Beth.  She is rocking her new everyday casual but oh so glamorous winter coat and a lovely new “do” by our friend Krista at Lavish Hair Salon…

Thanks for all that you do Beth!  xoxo

Besso and Giovanni - Great hair style Beth and you know I’m a sucker for an abstract heart found in nature.

Beth - Love is everywhere :)

Noelle - Excellent heart – and great update on your studio manager <3

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