i heart the skirball {new portfolio}

Recently, I’ve talked about how difficult it can be to make time for updating my portfolios. Well, I was so thrilled with my newest portfolio, that I just had to design another one, and pronto. Again, I’m in love with the results. Here is a glimpse of what is to come.

I adore the stone colored linen spine juxtaposed with this cover image.

I absolutely love photographing weddings at the Skirball Cultural Center; and I’m hoping to book more weddings there this year. Just look at this stunning elegance.

Okay, so that most likely qualifies as more than a glance. What can I say? I love to share my work. Want to see the whole kit and kaboodle? Take a gander at this preview option with Couture Book. A big thank you to Margaret and David (the beautiful couple)!

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