megan + ernie {the ceremony}

The first time we met in person was on their wedding day, yet they felt so familiar… Megan and Ernie are wonderful people… truly lovely.  Their wedding day was beautiful, and seemed to flow so easy without stress and complications (minus one ornery zipper on  a bridesmaid’s dress).

I’ll start of this post with some photos of the details from the day, and then move into the ceremony.  What I love most in these photographs is something I came across when I was editing… it was a look.  I’m not talking about style.  I’m talking about a glance, and it showed up through out the entire day!  Ernie constantly glancing or maybe it would be considering gazing… beaming with a smile that says… “this is all so great, and I’m going to take care of you {Megan} for the rest of our lives.”   When you look at the photos, you’ll most likely see what I see… Megan and Ernie their eyes filled with JOY!

By the way, I’ll be posting Megan and Ernie’s gorgeous portraits on the beach soon, so be sure to come back to see those, as well.


Loved the red door, and wait until you see this dress on Megan… like it was made especially for her…Santa_Barbara_Wedding_photographer_0002Santa_Barbara_Wedding_photographer_0003

Megan’s mom tying the perfect bow on Megan’s perfect dress…Santa_Barbara_Wedding_photographer_0004

So adorable…Santa_Barbara_Wedding_photographer_0005

The competition is getting younger and younger…Santa_Barbara_Wedding_photographer_0006

Megan is such a cutie…


The handsome groom…Santa_Barbara_Wedding_photographer_0008

A simple photo with a gorgeous bride…


Loving the drama and the cool colors in this back of the veil photo.Santa_Barbara_Wedding_photographer_0010

Love this super cute shot Michelle grabbed before Megan and her dad headed down the aisle…Santa_Barbara_Wedding_photographer_0011


These girls are so adorable with their blue sash dresses and baskets of rose petals.  They remind me of little ducks in this next shot…


Here is where the real magic starts to happen… she is almost at the aisle…


There is Ernie waiting at the end of the aisle with his beaming smile…


Right here, in this next shot, this is the gaze/glance that I’m talking about!  Didn’t I tell you it was an awesome look…


I love love; and it’s just bouncing all around this ceremony…Santa_Barbara_Wedding_photographer_0020Santa_Barbara_Wedding_photographer_0021

There are a lot of sunglasses in Sunny So Cal, but I know each and every eye is filled with joy in this next shot…


Oh, here comes that look again…Santa_Barbara_Wedding_photographer_0024

Seriously, I can’t get enough of it, so here is one more…


Dear Megan and Ernie, Thank you so much for entrusting me with capturing your joy!  xoxo, Alice

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Mark Brooke - Sick ring shot!!!

alice - I love how determined she looks with that camera!

Noelle - The junior photographer set her mouth very determinedly with that point and shoot. What a shot!

An admirer - What a lovely wedding – especially like the “crowd shots” – - you get the whole experience….

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