new orleans {woohoo}

This morning my sister Beth (aka my newly anointed studio manager) and I hopped on a jet (blue that is) to New Orleans. We are here to attend the Pictage Partner Conference; and let me tell you, we are beyond excited!  If you are going to be there, drop us a line and let’s get together!

There will be three days of amazing presentations by some of the industry’s top photographers, shooting workshops, and tons of “networking” (reads having fun).  The coolest part of all, is on Thursday afternoon, we will be involved with a charitable event.  All of the volunteers will be working with and photographing a total of 200 local family portraits.  You see, these particular families lost most if not all of their family photos to the terror that was known as Katrina.  While we can never replace those lost treasures, we can help with the healing by creating some new family memories.

If that isn’t enough, we have a free F-U-N day on Friday!

Amy - Great meeting you and beth. Such a fun few days in NOLA! KIT ;)

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