new wedding portfolio {has arrived}

I love checking the mailbox, even though it is usually just bills waiting on me, to bring them in and out of the cold. The occasional magazine always makes me happy, but when I get a package… look out! I’m like a kid on Christmas morning. Everything is on hold until that package is opened. I even take great care to keep my box cutter in special place, so I’m not wasting time looking for something to open the box with.

So when I received my new wedding portfolio, I was over the moon! I think it turned out so beautiful! It is the Modern Book offered through In case you don’t know, Pictage is the awesome online gallery and lab, where my clients place all of their print and album orders.

Loving this hardback cover, with ImageWrap.

I love all the different layout options. Good use of different layouts throughout the book, keeps the story flowing. Keep in mind, I always offer free album design service to my clients.

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