newlyweds {alma + david}

Back in early November, I had the extreme pleasure and honor of photographing Alma and David, during a photo workshop led by Kurt Gerber.  It was yet another perk of attending Pictage’s PartnerCon in New Orleans.  At the time of the photo session, Alma and David had only been married for two weeks.  They had a cowboy and indian themed wedding, and these are their actual wedding clothes.  Definitely a fun diversion from the traditional.  When you start looking at these photos there are two things that will strike you immediately.  First off, they are a drop dead gorgeous couple, and secondly it’s very clear that they are totally in love!  Here is our gentleman cowboy David…

Alma and David

And his stunning bride Alma…

Alma and DavidAlma’s eyes are strikingly beautiful…

Alma and DavidWe walked through the ever enchanted French Quarter for our photo shoot. Ahhh, the architecture and character of New Orleans…

Alma and DavidSpeaking of architecture, I love how this building became such an important compositional element in this next photo.  Love it…

Alma and DavidSometimes I see a photograph of an adult, and I feel like I get a real glimpse into what that person might have been like at age 5 or 6.  For some reason, that is totally going on in this adorable shot…

Alma and DavidMy three favorite G’s… gorgeous couple, gorgeous location, gorgeous sunlight…

Alma and DavidThese next three images hold a lot of emotional punch.  Yep, some of my new faves…

Alma and David


Alma and DavidThanks a million for being so much fun to work with!!! xoxo, Alice

Sally - Hi Alice, remember me? Nice to see you still take fabulous photos; ironically we moved back to New Orleans in Nov of ’09, we might have passed each other in the Quarter :)

David - I really like the antique look! Cool pictures!

Alana - Great Photos! Very fun.

derek jenkins - these look fantastic. i really like the feel of them. great work!

Mindy - I TOTALLY love your work! I might have to get remarried!

courtney bowlden - i love how you captured their personality in the photos. great job!!!

laure - Sweeet!

Miguel Serrano - Amazing job! I love how you matched the look of the photographs with theirs.

alice - Hi Sophie, Thank you so much for stopping by… such a nice surprise!!

Sophie - WOW!!!!!

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