steve depino {speaking at tuesday’s cny pug meeting}

No this isn’t a meeting about pugs…although everybody knows I love those little munchkins.  PUG stands for Pictage User Group a meeting for professional photographers.  Once a month, I host our Central New York PUG, and it’s always fun as well as infomative.

I’m so excited to announce the super-cool-one-and-only Steve DePino will be joining us on Tuesday {12/08/09}.  Beth and I heard him speak at the Pictage PartnerCon in New Orleans last month, so we are super excited that he is driving all the way from Connecticut to share his presentation to our peeps!

Steve’s talk is called “My Mother Runs My Business.”  During his talk, Steve shares a lot of the motherly advice he received as a kid, and how he incorporates it into some awesome business practices.   If you are a professional photographer, and can get yourself to the Syracuse area by 7:30 pm this Tuesday, come on by.  Shoot me an email with your RSVP, and we will look forward to meeting you!

With all this talk about PUGs and pugs, I can’t help but share an image of my own little pugaroni…

Dog_Photography_Syracuse_AGPphoto0001I can’t tell if Lulu is comfortable, or if she is just trying to be a “big dog” like Franny.

Noelle - My vote is for Big Dog like her “sister”

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