icon {for the iphone}

I’ve been a longtime lover of my iphone!  So I was so excited when I created a cute little icon for my blog readers, that are also iphone users.  It’s a fun way to keep up to date with my blog.  Check it out… First go to my blog, on your iphone safari, at www.alicegpattersonphotography.com  […]

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Fola - thank you so much… will be trying it soon…

Jeremy - Man, this is pretty slick! This may expose my inner geek, but I like how it’s got a mobile phone css layout so I don’t have to scroll all over the page. I just have to figure out if there’s a way to view the slideshow pictures without flash… :P

alice - Fola, I see that you have a ProPhoto blog too… they are the best! Go to your upload panel, and scroll down and you’ll see a place to upload your iPhone webclip icon. Note, the are specific instructions on sizing. Super fun and easy, once you get your icon designed and sized properly. Love those iPhones and ProPhoto Blogs.

Fola - ok this is way too cool… how did you create the iphone application? You must be some kind of genius…tips and pointers please…

Wishful in Virginia - I wish my service provider had the iphone…..

Giovanni Mercado - Great feature! I wish I had an i-phone. When I get the new generation in the fall i’ll add it to my phone.

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